About us


Sportglam - about us


Sportglam is an Onlineshop that sells sports apparel and accesories from activewear labels with high quality and exclusive designs from all around the world.

Every piece and label is chosen carefully with love.


Our Philosophy 

  • Clothes can be always a good motivation.
  • Our lives are happier and better when we are surrounded by beautiful things.
  • Sometimes we just need  „one more kick“ to train.
  • Sports clothes must enhance our shape.
  • Sports clothes are not only our „gym clothes“, but our „motivator and support“ while we are training.
  • Every woman is able to be chic in activewear.
  • When a woman finds „the sport bra“ or that leggins that flatter her body, the sky seems more blue and the flowers blossom. Magic happens.
  • Glamour is not a synonym of „impossible, ultra expensive or  out of reach“. Glamour is an attitude towards life. Glamour brings beauty and joy in our daily lives.
  • Sport is a „must“ in our lives; adds energy and happiness to our existence.