Colours of India Yoga Mats

The Colours of India

A dream becomes true: your next yoga trip goes to India. When you arrive their you get overwhelmed from the hectic activity, the foreign smells and especially the intense colours. The women wear clothes in the most beautiful colours and even their homes are full with colourful furniture and curtains. The time runs and soon your yoga trip goes to an end. It's time to say goodbye to the colourful world of India. Only remembrances remain.

Why a Colours of India Yoga Mat?

Vagabond Goods and La Vie Boheme Yoga managed to catcht the colours of India in their yoga mats. So you can bring a piece of this foreign colourful world of India with you home. Is there something bettern than make on a grey cold day your yoga excercise on a colourful yoga mat or just dive into the colours during your meditation?

Bring a piece of India with you home. Namaste.

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