Mandala Yoga Mats

What is a Mandala?

Mandala is a geometric form which is oriented on a center point. It is mostly a circle shape but can be also a square. In India the Mandala has a magic and religious meaning. The Mandala support the focus on a center during meditation or yoga.

Why a Mandala Yoga Mat?

When you practice yoga you have to focus on a center point. Because of this La Vie Boheme Yoga and Vagabond Goods offers yoga mats with a Mandala. You find on these Mandala yoga mats a geometric pattern, which is focused on one center point. Whit this it is easy to stay focus during your meditation or yoga excercise.

For many yogis the Mandala has also a spiritual or religious meaning. For them the mandala yoga mat is much more. La Vie Boheme Yoga offers additional a Mandala Yoga Mat Bag. Namaste.

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New Mandala Black Travel Yoga mat

Product no.: 4357

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Infinity Yoga mat Rose

Product no.: 7482

88.00 *
In stock

Infinity Yoga mat Aqua

Product no.: 7483

88.00 *

Infinity Yoga mat Lavender

Product no.: 7484

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Product no.: VB100

117.00 *

New Mandala Turquoise Travel Yoga mat

Product no.: 4359

55.00 *
In stock

Infinity Yoga mat Teal

Product no.: 7470

88.00 *

Cork Yoga mat Mandala White

Product no.: 7493

80.00 *
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