Yoga mats for your home

Why yoga mats at home?

Many of us like practising yoga at home. There are many reasons. Some want just to relax and make Savasanah, others work on the Yoga postures from last class at the Yoga studio and some just like to meditate on the yoga mat. Our home is very different to a Yoga studio since it is our most private sphere. Therefore to find the right Yoga mat for our "private practise" is a real challenge. You don't have to feel just comfortable and stable on the Yoga mat. It must also fit in your home environment.

How can I find the right Yoga mat for my home?

Before your start with the selection of the Yoga mat you should first find out which part of your house is the right for you to practise Yoga and check if there is enough space to roll out a Yoga mat. Also you should ask yourself if you just want to roll out the Yoga mat when you use it or if you want to leave it always out rolled. After you´ve found your "personal Yoga space" sit there and look on a laptop or smart phone the Yoga mats you would potentially buy. Like this you can imagine much easier how the Yoga mat will look at your yoga place at home. Beside of the colour also the motive of the Yoga mat is very important. Vagabond Goods offers, for example, Yoga mats with Hamsa symbols, Buddha pictures and Mandala. La Vie Boheme Yoga offers a much bigger selection of different designs, from Bohemian style over dream catchers up to modern or Art Deco inspiration patterns. Sportglam offers the biggest selection of Yoga mats from La Vie Boheme Yoga outside the US and delivers to all Europe.

Which type of yoga mat fit for my home?

Out there exist many Yoga mats in different thickness and materials. If you want to use your yoga mat exclusively at home you can choose a thicker and more heavy yoga mat. A normal PVC yoga mat with 6 mm thickness from La Vie Boheme Yoga and Vagabond Goods are surely one of the best choice. These yoga mats are not only beautiful, they are also comfortable enough to just rest on them or to relax with a book. If you like to bring your yoga mat during your travels or you make often hot yoga the best choice are the hot yoga towel yoga mats. These have a microfibre top layer on a rubber base. They are with 3mm thinner and have less weight then the PVC yoga mats.


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